Administered by Phaethon Interstellar Developments under the auspices of the United Free Worlds First Contact Directive 166.291B, the Altyna I Colony has finally been firmly established as a Class 1 sentient contact. On June 19, 3776, the bug-out order was given and Altyna's orbital sphere was closed off to all unauthorized traffic, pending offical confirmation of this discovery by the United Free Worlds Contact Agency. This has since happened, and the colony is now in official PRO-CIV status.

Although this means that the planet will be off-limits to nearly all colonization or development efforts, the discovery of a new civilization is a rare and precious thing, and is celebrated even even amongst the colonial bondholders who must take their investments elsewhere.

Now that PROCIV status is active (and will be for centuries or even millenia, until the natives are poised to enter space), the biological and geological staff are being joined by their sociological, psychological and linguistic counterparts, to begin mapping the progress and cultures of the new race. This background image is a photograph of the town whose discovery triggered the bug-out order. It appears to be a small, semi-fortified waypoint or colony on one of the eastern islands.

Vast areas of the planet remain to be surveyed, and it will likely be months before the population levels and extent of the civilized areas will be known. With PROCIV in effect, exploration efforts will be stepped up, and we hope to have a better idea of the natives' technology, society, culture and populations within a few months. Look for the scientific data here as it comes in from the exploration teams.